How to Get a Ferry from Ao Nang to Koh Lanta

Ao Nang, previously known as “Ao Phra Nang” is an ideal location for a vacation. If you love the beauty of nature, then this place can give you unending pleasure. You can take a take a boat to a countless surprising beaches and islands. Ao Nang is one of the most beautiful places of the Thailand. Originally, this place was a tiny fishing village. Now this bay has become an amazing tourist destination. People all over the world come to this place to enjoy its beauties and to realize the deepness of nature. The beautiful landscape is the major attraction of this place. When the tide is low, you could even walk on the small islands. Nekrasov

To make this journey more beautiful and to enjoy it more, you can get a ferry. With a ferry, the journey will be exciting and will never forget that experience in your life. There are some other options as well, but the ferry journey will be different and enjoyable. Moreover, ferry from Ao Nang to Koh Lanta is available most of the time. Hence, you will not face any trouble in getting one.

It is advisable to start the journey in the morning hours so that you can easily get a ferry. The ferry is available most of the time, but the afternoon services are not regular in all seasons. In some cases, you might get only morning services.

How to get a ferry

It is a simple process. You can get them directly from the Ao Nang. Many options are available. You can choose a service with better facilities and developed security features. To know more about ferries, you can do some research before starting your adventurous trip. The best thing about the ferries is that you can even book them in advance. Now you are living in the digital world. So, you do not need to spend your time in standing in the queue. Directly search the ferries by internet service. Choose the ferry, select the timing, and make the payments. Your booking is ready. Moreover, no payment complication, many service providers offer flexible payment options. You can book the ferry even before landing at that place. If you want, you can also cancel the tickets.

How to get the best ferry

This is important. While going on a ferry, your first priority should be your safety. Hence, ask about the security system and about the precautions that they have taken to deal with emergencies. If you are confident that the service is the best and able to offer you maximum security while travelling, then book the ferry. Otherwise, go to another service. Get a developed and safe ferry to enjoy the beauties more. When your security is compromised, you cannot be able to enjoy it with full intensity.

Ferry travel from or to Ao Nang is a nice experience. Usually, ferries are safe and well-maintained. It is filled all the required safety equipment and lifeboats. Enjoy your ferry travelling with an experienced and reliable service.