Best Hotels in Jakarta Where You Can Stay for Cheap Price

Many people said that to stay a couple of days in Jakarta, you will need to spend at least 200 dollars for the hotel and that can be something annoying for the real travelers with the limited budget. However, that is just a mere issue since there are also some nice and comfortable hotels in Jakarta where you can stay with the limited budget. Even though you cannot easily compare all of these hotels with the five starts hotel, but some of these options are considerably nice if you have the limited budget during your stay in Jakarta.

The first one is Ibis Hotel Jakarta. This hotel is considerably nice for those who have the low budget since the hotel is ranged around 20 to 30 dollars a night, which is quite cheap. For the facilities, you will not need to worry since this hotel also has some other hotels all around Jakarta that you can easily choose, which means all of the standardizations are just something quite good to try even the price is quite low. The second one is Holiday Inn Express. This one is something that you will love if you only need a place to sleep and relax while you are traveling in Jakarta. That is because this tall built hotel is something that will not offer you anything natural around the hotel, because of the limited space that they have. Even though, all of the indoor facilities such as the restaurants, the rooms, and even the gym and the pool are something that you will surely love. For the price range, you will only need to spend about 30 to 40 dollars a night.

The last one is Fave Hotel Jakarta. This hotel is something that will suit your need if you are traveling with your family. That is because the family concept plus the bright area of this hotel is something that will suit your family need. The great number of lights plus the considerably light color scheme of this hotel will surely let you have the bright stay in Jakarta in this considerably affordable hotel. For the price of this hotel, you will need to spend about 35 to 45 dollars a night for your stay in this hotel. Those are some nice hotels where you can stay in Jakarta with your low budget. With all of those options above, you will not need to worry about staying in Jakarta.