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Why You Should Use Pre-settlement Advance

If you have a pending case but are running low on cash due to the various expenses you have to cover, you should consider getting a pre-settlement advance. Instead of reaching out to the insurance company and settling your case for a small amount, you can use settlement advance to cover the expenses while you patiently wait for a fair settlement. Besides being easy to apply, there are so many other important reasons to choose settlement advance instead of settling for a smaller amount. The following are advantages of settlement advance.

An advantage of settlement advance is the fact that you can spend the money the way you want; there are no restrictions on the things you can do with the cash you receive before the settlement. Settlement advance loans are a great way of managing your bills while waiting for a settlement because they are non-recourse; you only repay the loan if you win the case. Provided you have a pending personal injury or corporate claim caused by another person’s negligence and you have an attorney, you automatically qualify for settlement advance cash.

One thing that differentiates settlement advance cash from other loans you have taken before is flexible repayment terms; no one will pressure you to pay back the money before you pending lawsuit is a settlement. Easy qualification is another reason to choose settlement advance loans; when you apply for a lawsuit loan, there is no verification of your income because they understand that you may be unable to maintain a steady income because of the injuries.

A lawsuit advance can help you get quality medical treatment; most people are usually unable to pay for the medication they need post an accident especially if they sustained serious injuries, however, they can get lawsuit funding to cover the cost of their treatment. When you are under financial pressure, it is likely you will be tempted to settle your claim with the insurance company for far less than you deserve, instead of settling out of court due to financial hardships, you can have the time to negotiate a better settlement when you are using an advance loan to cover your expenses.

When you apply for a lawsuit cash advance, you don’t have to have a good credit to be approved; potential lenders do not look at credit score so anyone is welcomed to apply and since it is a non-recourse loan, your assets will not be evaluated. Another great benefit of choosing pre-settlement cash is that everything is handled digitally; paperwork can be a nightmare for most people but not in the case of this loan. You should use a settlement advance for the reasons highlighted above.

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